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- Here's What You Get -

  • Access to 17 Modules of the 3 Steps To LifExtension EMT Solution -a 12 Month Online Membership portal where you will have instant access to cooking, movement and mindset video trainings, educational lessons, recipes, series of infographics, readings, case studies and other tools and insights to help make the transition to this healthy lifestyle easy, enjoyable and long lasting.

  • Every three weeks you'll receive access to a new video-based training module to guide you through your next life-saving health transformation actionable steps. This means you'll get to watch the videos and study the lessons of the 3 Steps To LifExtension Solution at your own pace.

  • On-demand access to a 12 Week digital easy-to-follow step-by-step Exercise and Meal Plan to help you lose up to 12 pounds (5 kilos) in 10 days. Irina will teach you simple moves you can do virtually anywhere. She will also share with you her kitchen secrets that will keep the weight off and protect you and your family from many of the lifestyle-related diseases so prevalent in our Western societies today. 

  • Once a month you'll receive access to an exclusive Q & A with Irina so you can get your questions answered and implement what you learn in the modules.

  • Get 24/7 access to our private community to connect with like minded individuals who will support you and help you stay accountable to take action and create your own health destiny.


I Pay You If You Fail - Money Back Guarantee

Irina's promise to you is that if you implement all the steps of the training and prove that her process failed, she'll give you a full refund - plus a $1000 as her gift! Just execute and submit a "Proof Of Action Form" to activate this 100% risk-free + $1,000 Money Back Guarantee.

Irina Kondakova’s 3 Steps To LifExtension 17+ Modules

Module 1:

EAT: What Is A Whole Foods Plant-Based Diet & Why It Will Work For Me? Reading Food Labels

MOVE: Getting Started For Exercise

THINK: Discover Your Why

Module 2:

EAT: Benefits Of A Whole Foods Plant-Based Diet The Problem With Traditional Medicine Kitchen Reset

MOVE: Learn The Concept Of Core Stability Finding Your Neutral Spine

THINK: Self-Image & Your Goal Card

Module 3:

EAT: Nutrient Density & Variety Of Your Diet Shopping Strategies Equipment You Will Need For Your Kitchen

MOVE: How To Improve & Maintain Perfect Posture

THINK: Your DREAMboard

Module 4:

EAT: Animal Foods & Their Effects On Your Body Mise En Place & Storing

MOVE: Sit Your Way To An Early Grave

THINK: Achieve Optimal Health Via The Universal Laws Of Vibration & Attraction

Module 5:

EAT: How Does A WFPBD Work? Cutting Ingredients

MOVE: Mitochondrial Biogenesis & The Role It Plays In Your Healthspan.

THINK: Visualisation

Module 6:

EAT: The Difference Between A Whole Food & A Processed Food Healthy Cooking Methods Part 1

MOVE: Are You Sitting Too Much?

THINK: Turning Your Life Around

Module 7:

EAT: Calorie Density Healthy Cooking Methods Part 2

MOVE: Incidental Exercise And Ways In Which To Have A NEAT Day

THINK: Are Your Habits Serving You?

Module 8:

Progress Check Up

Module 9:

EAT: Carbohydrates Are Not All Bad: Which Ones You Must Eat & Which Ones You Must Avoid Batch Cooking

MOVE: The New Prescription For Health

THINK: The Attitude Of Gratitude

Module 10:

EAT: Food Addiction & Toxic Hunger Seasoning Food To Enhance Flavor

MOVE: PGC-1𝞪 - The Master Controller Of Systemic Chronic Inflammation

THINK: Developing Your Imagination

Module 11:

EAT: Telomeres, Telomerase & A Longer Lifespan Plant-Based Staples

MOVE: Slow Aging With Movement

THINK: Developing Your Will

Module 12:

EAT: Lower Harmful Hormones, Age Backwards & Prevent Disease Eating Out Healthfully

MOVE: Movement As Psychotherapy For Your Brain

THINK: Developing Your Reason

Module 13:

EAT: Avoiding Toxins

MOVE: It's The Regular, Not The Exercise

THINK: Developing Your Perception

Module 14:

EAT: Vitamin Supplementation

MOVE: Move Your Muscles, Move Your Bones

THINK: Developing Your Memory

Module 15:

Review & Check-Up

Module 16:

EAT: Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting

MOVE: Stretching & Myofascial Release

THINK: Developing Your Intuition

Module 17:

EAT: The EMT Solution & Menopause

MOVE: Manage Menopause Naturally

THINK: Bringing It All Together

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